Israel Airlifts Thousands of Falash Mura By Dr Jaafar Hadi Hassan

At the end of the last century Israel transported tens of thousands of Falashas who claim to be Jews and call themselves “Beita Yisrael” from Ethiopia to Israel in two operations – Operation Moses and Operation Solomon. Their numbers in Israel today are estimated to be about one hundred thousand. There is another Ethiopian group, […]

Makuya: A Japanese Christian Zionist Sect By Dr Jaafar Hadi Hassan

The Christian population in Japan is small and does not exceed two and a half percent of the overall population of almost one hundred and thirty million people. Christianity is not new in Japan but has, in fact, been there for centuries.  It is possible that because of the difficulties the missionaries faced the number […]

William Blackstone – a Christian Zionist who devoted his life to the establishment of a national Jewish home. By Dr. Jaafar Hadi Hassan

William Blackstone was born in a town called Adams in New York State in 1841.  At this time the U.S. was going through a religious revival which was called the Third Awakening.  Adams was particularly affected by this revival as it was the home of a famous theologian and preacher, Charles Finney (d.1825) who played […]