Welcome to Dirasaat Yahudiya. This website contains articles on a variety of Jewish studies in the Arabic and English language authored by Dr. Jaafar Hadi Hassan. There is also information on his books, lectures and interviews on the same subject.

Dr. Jaafar Hadi Hassan specialises in Semitic Languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac and Phoenician) and Jewish Studies with BA (Hons), MA and PhD from the University of Manchester, UK. He is also a specialist in Arabic Language and Literature with BA and MA from Baghdad University, Iraq. He has also studied German Language.

Dr. Hassan has taught at various Universities including Basra, King Abdul-Aziz, Manchester, Salford, McGill, International Islamic University and Islamic College for Advanced Studies, London. He has authored several books on Jewish Studies, and published hundreds of articles in English and Arabic on the same and similar subjects. Recently, he has authored the article on Hebrew Language in the Encyclopedia of Islam (Turkey). Dr. Hassan has participated in a     number of international conferences and delivered many talks in seminars on his field.